Thermally Broken Aluminium System

Golden Windows are delighted to sell and be apart of Omega Thermal Break technologies’ venture in bringing unparalleled thermal products to the Australian market. Windows and Doors are the largest cause of heat transfer in an insulated building than any other component, thus considering whether your windows and doors are suitable for your environment.

The OMEGA Thermal Break technology is unique to the Australian market, designed in New Zealand and inspired by European experience. The thermal break is positioned to the outside of the joinery which restricts cold from reaching the warmth inside. Therefore it performs highly as a ‘barrier’ which results in advanced thermal performance.

Design and Functionality

Bringing natural light to interior spaces.

Omega Rooflights system was designed to be the highest performing thermally broken roof framing available in Australia. They are fabricated from thermally broken aluminium frames and sashes which are designed to suit standard tile and tin roofs.


12% more insulation than our nearest competitor, we can guarantee substantial energy savings.


Up to 60% reduction in heat loss can be designed into OMEGA Thermal Windows.


Custom options

In response to customer demand, A range of developments have been made to the Stealth Window that will allow for customisation to suit each project. The following changes include:

The Stealth Rooftop Window was previously available in mill finish and standard matt black powder coat finish.

We now offer a range of powder coating finishes from our standard colour range In addition to our extensive collection of coatings and colours, including the popular Colorbond® range.

For colours outside the standard range, contact us to enquire about pricing and lead times.

The Stealth Rooftop Window was previously available in set configurations.

We now offer customised size configurations, to suit any application necessary.